Depression and Anxiety

The well respected psychologist, Dorothy Rowe refers to, “the prison of depression”. Some clients describe depression as “the black hole” or, “the doldrums”. However it is described, it equates with a sense of helplessness. You may feel guilty, sad, nervous or anxious about the smallest things. You may feel trapped in a negative cycle. Whilst family and friends may be sympathetic, such thoughts and fears are sometimes difficult to express to those closest to you. When you need someone to talk to, counselling is a helpful option.

Research indicates that CBT is considered to be the most effective treatment for depression and anxiety. Clients work towards gaining a greater understanding of depression by identifying connections between thoughts, moods, behaviour and physical reactions.

Being aware of how patterns of thinking contribute towards behaviour is a significant step to breaking its vicious cycle.

By applying the CBT principles learnt in sessions, clients are able to return to work with the assurance that recurring bouts of depression are unlikely in the future.

If you have been affected by depression or anxiety, then let me guide you through the CBT process.